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residents and developers meet to discuss issues

EVENT: Brainstorming for HOA Landscape Committees

Join us Jan. 28  for an open discussion among homeowner/neighborhood association (HOA) landscape committee members looking to establish more efficient committees, manage existing landscape plans, or improve old landscapes all while creating positive change within their associations. Register early for our “Brainstorming for HOA Landscape Committees” session, via, to save your seat and receive notice of any changes.

Participants should bring members of their respective HOA landscape committee for this opportunity to learn from and share with other Sarasota County HOA members, including those who have enjoyed successes and those who have learned from obstacles. While we will host and facilitate this event, expect an open, unscripted session in which landscape committee members will discuss all pertinent issues affecting their landscape quality and daily operations.

For more information, please call 941-861-5000 or email