Super Bowl. Super food. Super safe.

The big day is finally upon us: Super Bowl Sunday. Millions of Americans – and millions more around the globe – will get together with friends and family to watch the big game and enjoy our favorite game-day foods.

Don’t ruin your big day with little germs. Keep bacteria away from your foods to keep foodborne illnesses at bay. It’s simple; just four little steps (think of four downs):

  • 1st down — Clean: Wash hands and preparation surfaces often
  • 2nd down — Separate: Keep foods apart to avoid cross-contamination
  • 3rd down — Cook: Heat foods to their proper temperatures
  • 4th down — Chill: Refrigerate uneaten foods promptly

Make sure your Super Bowl gathering is memorable for all the right reasons! Follow these helpful tips from the USDA to avoid any foodborne illnesses.


Posted: January 31, 2018

Category: Food Safety, Health & Nutrition
Tags: Food, Food Safety, Hygiene, Pgm_FCS, Safety, Super Bowl

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