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Right Plant, Right Place



Photo and Text by Wilma Holley

When planting a new plant it is best to make a site analysis first. Determining sun and shade patterns, drainage, soil type, where overhead lines are etc. all help to make or break the success of a planting. Taking into account the mature size of the plant, water needs and your landscape desires are also very important. Working with the natural ecosystem and planting to the site conditions can help cut down on maintenance, fertilizer and irrigation needs, leading to less pest infestations. The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design will help you determine what will work at your location once you do the site analysis. This Beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, on page 52 of the guide is a large deciduous, native shrub growing 6-8 feet wide and high, prefers partial shade, is drought tolerant, attracts birds, has low salt tolerance, grows throughout the state, and tolerates any soil pH. I have the right place for this great plant.


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