Gift the Gift of Camp this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, many parents and grandparents will be inundated with the newest toy or gadget that is all of the craze. I have a suggestion for you while you are making your list. Give the gift of 4-H camp this year. During the summer and even during the winter, 4-H youth experience camp and it creates memories that can last a lifetime.

I began attending 4-H summer camp at the age of eight. As a new and eager 4-H member, I learned many life skills that I still utilize to this day. Many life skills learned at camp include: making your bed, cleaning up after yourself, helping others, learning to be an independent thinker and most of all, leadership. At the age of eight, I was a leader. I was only leading myself, but I was responsible for myself. As I grew in the 4-H program, I became a camp counselor and was a leader of other youth. 4-H camp taught me so many wonderful skills as a child, and I only thought I was having fun! I ask that you give this kind of experience as a gift to your child.

When a child attends 4-H summer camp their week is full of fun and adventure. Youth will learn to kayak, dance, and even shoot a bow! Many of our youth experience new and exciting adventures like learning how to build a fire and even what “Ga-Ga Ball” is all about. In addition to all the “fun” stuff, 4-H camp teaches life skills, like how to get along with others, independence and leadership. If you have a teen in your family, 4-H camp provides leadership experiences that can help them with college scholarships and applications.

We have all seen Christmas gifts go unused shortly after they are taken out of the box. I know that the gift of camp will not go unused and is a gift that will keep giving every year as your child or grandchild or niece or nephew grows in the 4-H program. Contact your local UF IFAS County Extension Office and find out how to register the child on your list for 4-H Camp today. This is a gift that can last a lifetime!


Posted: December 18, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth
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