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Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

The cooler weather in the wintertime makes it a great time to plant trees and shrubs. That is why Arbor Day in Florida is the third Friday in January. In 2016, that event is January 15.

Baldcypress growing at the edge of a pond. Photo:  Julie McConnell, UF/IFAS

Baldcypress growing at the edge of a pond. Photo: Julie McConnell, UF/IFAS

Start your planning now with doing a site assessment on your landscape, then choosing the right trees and shrubs for your particular environmental conditions.

Here are some great sites that offer online tools for finding just the right species:

Florida Tree Selector

The Florida-friendly Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design

Florida Native Plant Society Locator

And if you want to find out just how much your established trees are worth, use this National Tree Benefit Calculator!


For more information:

Planting Trees in the Landscape

Arbor Day Foundation: Florida

4 Comments on “Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

  1. I live in Beulah (west Pensacola), I’d like to plant some fruit trees. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Some fruit trees/bushes that do well in our area with minimal maintenance are fig, Satsuma tangerine, kumquat, persimmon, blueberry, blackberry, muscadine grape. Low-chill varieties of apple, pear, peach, nectarine can be grown but require regular specialized pruning and spraying. Go to and look under the ‘edible fruit’ tab. Lots of great info there!

    • I’d go with Oriental Persimmons grafted on to native rootstock if possible, Satsuma budded onto trifoliate, old fashioned “cooking pears” and possibly the Anna and Golden Dorsett apple.

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