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Summer Lawn Review


Image Credit: Uf / IFAS

Image Credit: UF / IFAS

Time is flying! June has reached its halfway point and lawns are having to be maintained often. Let us take a few minutes to review some things that need to be considered when properly maintaining the lawn.

1. Mowing Height – Get out a tape measure and make sure you have the lawn mower deck set to the appropriate height for the species of turfgass in your lawn. Set the mower on pavement for a nice even surface when measuring. If you have been mowing the lawn too short, you could be “scalping” it and putting it under stress. Take a look at the chart below for appropriate mowing heights for common turfgrass species.

mowing heights

Mowing frequency- The frequency that the lawn needs to be mowed at is again dependent on the species of turfgrass that is being grown. More vigorous turfs, like bermuda, will require more frequent cuts than slower growing grasses, like centipede. The main rule of thumb is to mow at a rate that will cut to the appropriate height and only remove 1/3 of the total leaf blade.

Read more about Mowing Your Florida Lawn in the linked UF/IFAS publication. Several helpful tips from the publications follow:

  • Mow in a different direction every time the lawn is cut. This helps prevent wear patterns, reduces the grain (grass lying over in the same direction), and reduces the possibility of scalping.
  • Leave clippings on the ground. If clumping occurs, rake or use a leaf blower to distribute them.
  • Sharpen the mower blade frequently enough to prevent tearing of leaf blades.


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  1. I live in Panama City and wondered which variety of Zoysia grass grows well here?

  2. What is a sharp mower blade? When I buy a new one it should be correct, but I certainly wouldn\’t call it sharp.

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