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Florida is one of the most regulated states regarding pesticide applications.  Pesticide applicators licensed in Florida that apply Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) must know their obligation under Florida Law. Restricted Use Pesticides are chemicals that in order to sell it, buy it, transport it, or apply it, the person using the product must have a license. Depending on where, what, and how the applicator engages in pest control a different license will be required, but in general, the practical knowledge that a pesticide applicator must demonstrate for their respective category license is based upon the Category Certification Standards.

The Florida certification exams are based upon these standards. The guidebook Applying Pesticide Correctly was created as a manual for persons studying to become certified as licensed pesticide applicators to control pest under the provisions of the Florida Pesticide Law and its rules. In Florida there are more than 30 different pesticide licenses. This manual offers the basic knowledge to prepare applicators for the General Certification Standards (Core) exam, required along side the category exam of a specific category under Florida statutes Chapter 487In other words, every applicator that wants to have a license under chapter 487, must first passed both the Core exam and their respective category exam before applying for a pesticide license.

The video series ‘The Right Dose’ was created as a supplementary resource for people looking to study for their General Certification Standards (Core) exam. This series is composed of 9 episodes, each representing the 9 chapters found on the Applying Pesticide Correctly. This series was developed in both English and Spanish since approximately 27.00% of Florida residents are Hispanic.

We encourage everyone to watch the video series as a way of studying for your pesticide exam. The following are the 9 English episodes of this video series:


Discussing Chapter 9: Pesticide Application Procedures of The Right Dose. Photo Credit By Luis Rodriguez, UF/IFAS.


For the Spanish version please access the following Blog-post: “La Dosis Correcta: Serie de Videos”

To find the Applying Pesticides Correctly guidebook click here.

To apply and schedule and examination click here.

To know about all the Florida Pesticide Licenses please read is ask-IFAS publication called Finding the Correct Pesticide Applicator License in Florida.


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Posted: November 15, 2022

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