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Spring Vegetable Gardening for Central Florida

It’s time to prep your garden and plant your spring vegetables. Do you have an existing garden space or are you starting from scratch? Planning and preparation is a very important step of the process. Let’s get started!
1. Select your site
Choose a site that is in full sun and has well-drained soil. Consider a pH test prior to planting directly in the ground.  If you are building raised beds or gardening in containers, the existing soil is not as important, but make sure you have enough space to grow what you have planned.  Planting close to a water source is helpful as you will need to routinely water your vegetable garden.
2. Prepare your site
Site preparation is important.  Till in organic material, such as compost, three weeks prior to planting. Soil in containers will need to be replenished annually.  Rake flat when tilling is complete.
3. Make a plan for rotation
To keep pests at bay, you need to rotate crops. Rotating crops means that you don’t plant crops in the same plant family, in the same place, season after season. We have some simple plans to help you easily rotate crops.
4. Make a plan for irrigation
Your vegetable garden will need irrigation on a regular basis. How do you plan on doing this? Hand watering can be an easy option if a water source is nearby. But, it may be easier to set up a small micro-irrigation system on a timer. Micro-irrigation can be easy to set up and is an efficient way to water. There are a lot of options and ways that you can make micro-irrigation work for your vegetable garden. We offer workshops on micro-irrigation and are happy to assist you in finding what method works best for you.
Find out more information here.
5. Select vegetables for the correct growing season
This can be tricky if you are new to Florida vegetable gardening! Our Vegetable Gardening Guide can help, and we have a helpful fact sheet on crop planting months.  Make sure you check our monthly “Vegetables and Herbs to Plant this Month” section of the newsletter, Your Polk Yard, for a list of what to plant.
If you have questions while planning or prepping your spring vegetable garden, you can contact our Plant Clinic. We are staffed to answer your calls and emails and look forward to helping you successfully grow an abundant vegetable crop this spring!

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  1. Anne thanks for the nice article, your veggies are looking beauty full in pictures you have posted above, nice

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