New Episode from Naturally Florida: “Surviving the Squeeze: The Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit’s Fight”

The marsh rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit with short, rounded ears, and small feet. It is similar in appearance to the more familiar eastern cottontail rabbit but without the white color of their tail. The marsh rabbit is found in the southeastern United States from southeast Virginia (in the Dismal Swamp), along the east coast to eastern Alabama, and the Florida peninsula and the islands along the coast of Florida. There is a subspecies of the marsh rabbit, which is endangered and only found in (endemic to) the lower Florida Keys. The Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit population has been declining since at least the 1960s because of the loss and degradation of suitable habitats because of human development. Learn all about this subspecies of the marsh rabbit in the latest episode of Naturally Florida. 

New Episode from Naturally Florida

Naturally Florida (a podcast about Florida’s natural areas and the wild things that live here) recently released a new episode about the Lower Keys marsh rabbit!

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Special thanks to Holly Abeels, Sea Grant Agent, Brevard County for assistance in the script writing of this episode.

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Posted: May 20, 2024

Category: Natural Resources
Tags: Cottontail, Florida Keys, Mammal, Marsh Rabbit, Naturally Florida Podcast, Rabbit

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