New Episode from Naturally Florida – “Three Common Snakes in Residential Areas”

On today’s episode, you’ll learn about three non-venomous snake species common to residential areas in Florida. Slithering into a neighborhood near you, these common snakes are found all over Florida. Learn more, on this episode of Naturally Florida.

New Episode from Naturally Florida

Naturally Florida (a podcast about Florida’s natural areas and the wild things that live here) recently released a new episode about common snakes in Florida’s residential areas.

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Learn More:

The three species of common snakes we discuss in the article, are linked below. These links contain identification and habitat information so you can learn about where you might encounter these common snakes. For information on how to prevent snake encounters near your home, see here.

Call to Action:

  • Let them be, let snakes live! They provide so many ecosystem benefits for us. Can you imagine how different the rodent, lizard, and insect populations might be without predators like snakes?
  • Prevent encounters rather than trapping or killing snakes. Reduce snake encounters with these tips from UF/IFAS Wildlife Extension:
  • Identify snakes you see using this handy guide: Or, If you’re ever unsure, snap a picture from a safe distance and email us!

Sources for the show:

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Posted: May 24, 2023

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