Tips for a Healthy Home

Warning labels include caution, warning and danger/poison which is important for consumers to understand.

There are many easy ways to make sure your home is a healthy environment for your family.

Read labels carefully, and follow the directions. If a label says you need “adequate ventilation,” use the product outside if you can. If not, open all windows and use exhaust fans.

Store anything that makes fumes outside of your home. Safely get rid of old and unneeded chemicals, fuels, pesticides, paints, etc. (Use hazardous household waste collection days or the HEC3 Center –see below.)

Don’t use outdoor pesticides inside your home. Don’t use any more than directed by the label. To cut your need for pesticides, keep your home clean and keep garbage outside. When needed, use baits, traps and boric acid for pest control. Bathe pets often.

Shop for less toxic types of products and building materials. Look for “low VOC” (volatile organic compound) products.

Green Label and Green Label Plus ensure that it is low emitting carpet.

When shopping for new carpet, look for “green label” carpet tested for low emissions. Go outside when carpet is being installed, and air out your home for three days after installing new carpet.

Use green cleaning products when possible to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

Pinellas County Utilities operates the Household Electronics and Chemical Collection Center (HEC3) as a permanent disposal location for hazardous household waste. Pinellas County residents are invited to bring their unwanted electronics and chemicals to the center (at no charge).
Homemade Green Cleaning Products

UF/IFAS Living Green

Making Homes Healthier for Families


Posted: May 22, 2015

Category: Conservation, Home Management
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