EarthDay – #YourPower

Earth Day is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. We’ve certainly come a long way since fighting toxic waste at Love Canal, phasing out leaded gasoline, and banning DDT. What is the greatest challenge facing us now? Is it sustainability and climate change? Food and food safety? Clean energy production? It’s clear that we still have lots of work to do to ensure that Earth can sustain its current population of 7 billion people (and counting!).


The success of the past 45 years is due in part to laws and regulations but it’s also because of individuals taking on leadership roles and challenging the status quo. So this year, become a risk taker for the environment – use your car less often, contact your elected officials more often, manage your eco-footprint, and volunteer in your community. Of course, there are so many other “Acts of Green” that you can do to show your support for planet Earth.

This year, Pinellas County Extension will host Tiny, A Story About Living Small, as well as participate in a number of community fairs and events that focus on Earth Day.

Join in, sign up, and share Earth Day events with your friends, family and co-workers.


Posted: April 10, 2015

Category: Conservation
Tags: Earth Day, Energy, Pinellas County, Recycling, Rmadhosinghhector, Sustainability, Water

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