Green Resolutions for 2015


Have you set your new “green” resolutions for 2015? Are you still forgetting that reusable bag for the grocery or not quite off the bottled water yet? Each year brings a new opportunity to see how we can implement more sustainable practices. A new year is a good time to think about lifestyle resolutions that are meaningful to us. Sustainable Living can mean saving money, using fewer natural resources, adopting healthier lifestyles and making better choices for the planet.

Sometimes just focusing on one change at a time can be the most effective. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Shop at a local Farmer’s Market at least three times this year.
The contribution of urban agriculture to food security and healthy nutrition is important as more and more people live in cities than ever before.

2. Change out four inefficient light bulbs to CFLs or LED.
Do you know how many light bulbs are in your home? Are they all being used efficiently?

3. Add locally grown produce to your diet once a week (Florida grown).
In addition to being fresher than most available foods, local food lets consumers invest in the preservation of their local economy and environment.

4. Recycle newspapers and plastic.
Sort through your trash! It’s the best way to discover where you can reduce waste. Is there anything reusable or repairable? Can you reduce the amount of disposable products you use?
Wishing you a happy and “Green” New Year!


Posted: January 26, 2015

Category: Conservation
Tags: Green, Living Green,, Resolutions, Sustainable

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