Want to be greener in 2015? There’s an app for that!

Green-Cell-phone-apps Apps, or application software, are designed for use with smart devices like tablets and smartphones to make your life simpler and easier. So have you considered using a green app? From recycling to carbon emissions, water footprints and local foods, there are lots of app choices to keep you motivated and stay on track.

These 10 apps can help you choose earth friendly options and allow you to manage and track your progress.

1. iRecycle from Earth 911 helps users identify recycling options at home or on the go and supports safe disposal of materials so that you can do your part to protect the environment. (Free*)

2. ShopGreen helps you to make sustainable purchasing options and rewards users for using green actions to reduce carbon footprint. (Free)

3. GoodGuide provides ratings for products and companies to help consumers find the most eco-friendly products in a wide variety of product categories. (Free)

4. Seafood Watch – This app is designed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and helps users choose sustainable seafood options at restaurants and markets. (Free)

5. Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips – UF/IFAS Extension recommends using this app which has specific information about seafood in our state along with recipe ideas. (Free)

6. Farmers Market Finder – There are a variety of apps out there to help you identify where markets are located along with hours of operation and type of produce sold. Be sure to use an app that’s applicable to your locale or includes areas that you visit often. (Free to $4.99).

7. Waterprint allows the user to assess how much water is embedded in beverages, food, and products. It easily educates users and can help reduce your own water footprint. (Free)

8. ecoFootprint enables users to calculate ecological impact through consumption and transportation activities. (Free)

9. Carbon Footprints are easy to calculate with apps like Zero Carbon, Carbon Footprint ACP, Carbon Emissions Calculator and CO2 Footprint. All of these have options to help you track energy and transportation emissions. (Free)

10. Pinellas County residents may use Pinellas Connects which allows users to connect with the county, find information about parks and preserves as well as recycling options. (Free)

To find any of these apps, simply use the “search” feature in your app store on your smart device. You’ll find many more eco-apps but this short selection provides an introduction to help you form a new habit and stay on track without breaking the bank.

*All prices based on Apple Store findings.

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Posted: December 26, 2014

Category: Conservation, Natural Resources, Work & Life
Tags: Money, Pinellasco, Recycling, Rmadhosinghhector, Sustainability

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