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A Green Holiday

There are great ways to reduce waste, save money and commit to a better environment during this holiday season. The holidays can be a stressful time if consumerism becomes the focus. Focusing on happy moments with family and friends rather than spending can provide more stress free moments and wonderful memories.


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Decorations: Make table centerpieces and other decorations from collected natural objects such as acorns, holly or oak trimmings, berries, or other harvested fruits and vegetables.

Gifts: Focus on homemade or non-traditional gifts such as baked goods, plants, fishing licenses, dance classes, travel mugs, local art, or battery chargers.

Food: Check local farmers’ markets for specialty sauces, jams, cider, and meat.

Trees: Check for local tree recycling programs that will turn used trees into chip mulch.

Miscellaneous: Set out recycling bins for bottles and cans at holiday parties and events.

Creating homemade gifts and decorations or reusing items from previous years also means spending less money than buying new items. Investing time and creativity into the holiday can help make it more fulfilling and meaningful for you and your family and friends.

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Happy Holidays from UF/IFAS Extension, Pinellas County!