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Night of the Arts and Focus on 4-H

Pinellas 4-H Families deserve a huge thank you for coming out to the two events this past weekend.  At Night of the Arts we were treated to a variety of acts.  Even better, the City of Pinellas Park, graciously allowed us to use their Performing Arts Center!  We had three brave and talented Cloverbuds – Cole K. on the violin, Emmerson R. on the piano, and Jocelyn W. who read her own creation, “ “The S Book”.

Ten Intermediates performed on musical instruments, performed martial arts, and sang.  The two high scorers, who will continue to District Events, were Annika F. and Miriam W. Annika sang beautifully and Miriam played a reporter at the time of Humpty Dumpty’s fall.

Two Seniors performed and qualified for District Events.  Nina M. performed beautifully in costume.   Jared M. performed dressed as Jack Sparrow and played a pirate medley. Jared received a perfect score from each of the three judges.   

For entertainment only, John R. and Abby L. of Da Swagga League danced on and off the stage and  Annika F .and Adam F. of The Innovators sang a duet to a Bob Marley song.  The photos from the Photo Contest were displayed, but not judged as hoped.

Thanks to our judges Joyce Nelson, Vernon Bryant, Sir Brock Warren and Terrence Jamison.

District Events is May 3 at Dixie Hollins High School.

Last Saturday was Focus on 4-H at England Brothers Park and it took quite an effort to pull it all together.  Crazy 4 Canines turned out with their dogs, of course, and showed what the dogs and 4-H trainers can do.  The Fahy family came out to promote the garden program.  Da Swagga League provided refreshments, games, card making for World War II veterans and got some line dancing going.  Nuts and Bolts 4-H brought activities for children to do and learn science at the same time. The Sielings brought rabbits and a chicken to help new 4-H’ers learn how to show at the fair.  The McNelis’ also brought rabbits and goats and spoke to the families who came looking for more information on showing animals in 4-H shows.  

We also need to thank our community partners.  The city of Pinellas Park was fabulous.  Councilwoman Johnson brought her horse Zeus and let the kids pet, feed, and brush him. 

City Chicks brought out (what else) chicks and full size hens for an example for what the chicks will look like in the months ahead.  

Thanks to all who made this a very happy, pleasant, and educational day.