New FREE Mobil Apps Available for Plant Pests

FREE mobile phone apps have been released that are pertinent to Florida. The android versions were released last fall, and now the iOS version for Apple iPhones is available (delayed due to federal shut down last fall).

The iOS apps are available at no cost through the iTunes App Store (ITP iOS Lucid Mobile apps).

  • The Lucid Mobile apps were created from existing Lucid keys contained within ITP’s identification tools (

For citrus, there is one for citrus identification, citrus pests, and citrus diseases.

For palms, there is one for palm identification, palm arthropod pests and palm symptoms of diseases, disorders and pests. Identification is based on macro-characteristics (hand lens at most) and not microscopic characteristics. The idea is to narrow the possibilities so you can make the best field diagnosis possible and then obtain samples if necessary. Keep in mind that these keys are meant to be used throughout the Caribbean, mainland U.S. and Hawaii – i.e., they are not Florida specific.

There are several other apps as well including: Botanicals Key; Federal Noxious Weeds Key; Terrestrial Mollusc Key and TortAI Key


Posted: March 3, 2014

Category: Horticulture, Pests & Disease, Pests & Disease
Tags: Bugs, Citrus Diseases, Citrus Pests, Insects, Mobil Apps, Palm Pest, Palm Symptoms, Pests, Terrestrial Mollusc, TortAI Key, Weeds Key

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