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Salty Topics: Hook, Line, and Sink ‘Em

Picture 055 - CopyWhen fishing, reeling a fish up from deep water (>~40ft+) can often cause barotrauma for the fish. The changes in pressure can cause physiological stress to the fish, including an over-expanded swim bladder.  A growing body of research reveals grouper, snapper, and other reef fish suffering from barotraumas can survive if properly released and quickly allowed to return to safe habitat.

Until recently, the best management practice for barotraumas was fish venting. However, new release methods and fish descending gear are showing promising results.  By increasing the survival rates of fish they release, anglers can help make Florida’s fisheries healthier and more robust.

Thursday, March 6th,  John Stevely, Florida Sea Grant Agent, will present “Hook, Line, and Sink Em: A Study of Fish Descending Methods” at the Salty Topics speaker series. The talk starts at 7pm at Weedon Island Preserve, 1800 Weedon Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33702.

Register online . Light refreshments are generously sponsored by the Friends of Weedon Island,  Salty Topics is intended for a high school to adult audience.