Pesticide CEU Variety Pack

You are invited to attend our CEU Variety Pack on March 27, 2013

You can select 2, 4 or 6 CEUs.

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9:30-10:00 Check-in

Morning session:

10:00-10:50 Herbicides Modes of Action and Resistance Management

Dr. Bill Haller

Herbicide resistance is a major concern in all herbicide applications. Applicators become comfortable with certain herbicides and herbicide mixes and use them repeatedly year after year. During this presentation, Dr. Haller will give examples of herbicide resistance and how to prevent or best manage to minimize the development of resistant weed populations.

10:50-11:40 Weed Control in Florida’s Waters and Natural Areas

Dr. Lyn Gettys

Dr. Gettys will discuss the common pathways for weed introduction in Florida, present historical accounts of the state’s invasion by hydrilla, waterhyacinth, Brazilian pepper and other weeds and cover management options for controlling the “10 most-wanted list” of Florida’s aquatic, upland and natural areas weeds.

Morning session CEUs requested: Aquatic (2), ROW (2), NA (2), Comm L & O (1), Lmt. L & O (1), LCLM (1), Demo & Research (2), Private (2), Regulatory (2)

11:40-1:00 Turn in survey, receive CEU form and Lunch on own

12:45 – 1:00 Check-in for afternoon session

Afternoon session:

1:00-1:50 Preventing Herbicide Failures

Dr. Brent Sellers

Dr. Sellers will describe the most common reasons for herbicide failures or reductions in efficacy and how to tailor treatment programs to get the most “bang for your buck” – attaining optimum weed control while minimizing pesticide use and exposure.

1:50-2:40 Equipment Calibration

Dr. Brent Sellers

Dr. Sellers will discuss the importance of equipment calibration and will describe the protocols that should be followed to reduce pesticide use and exposure. This talk will provide valuable information to licensed pesticide applicators of all categories.

Afternoon session CEUs requested: Aquatic (2), Demo & Research (2), Forest (2), Natural Areas (2), Private (2), Regulatory (2), Right-of-Way (2), Comm. L & O (2), Lmt. L & O (2), LCLM (2)

2:40 turn in survey, receive CEU attendance forms, check-in for CORE

CORE session:

3:00-4:40 FDACS Vehicle Inspection

Paul Mitola, FDACS Field Training Coordinator

CEUs requested: 2 Core

4:40 Turn in survey, receive CEU attendance form, adjourn.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Bill Haller is a Professor of Agronomy at the University of Florida in Gainesville, specializing in Aquatic Weed Science. His research is focused on aquatic weed management; in addition, Dr. Haller is also the Acting Director of the UF IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants.

Dr. Brent Sellers is an Associate Professor of Agronomy at the University of Florida Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona, specializing in Weed Science. His focus areas include identifying problematic weeds in pastures and rangeland and implementing economically and environmentally sound control measures, examining weed biology and ecology as related to pasture and rangeland management strategies, and weed control in fence rows and pasture borders.

Dr. Lyn Gettys is an Assistant Professor of Agronomy at the University of Florida Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center in Davie, specializing in Aquatic and Wetland Plant Science. Her focus areas include identification, biology and control of invasive aquatic and wetland species, plant propagation and development of novel techniques to increase the success of aquatic restoration and mitigation projects.


Posted: February 21, 2013

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