Is Your School Going Green?

If so, the school can apply for a Florida Green School Award. There are five award categories:

1) students
2) classes
3) teachers
4) schools
5) school districts.

Applicants should select the award category that most accurately reflects the level at which the project was undertaken. For example, if a student initiates a recycling program at school and is responsible for organizing and managing the program, the most appropriate category would be ‘student.’ However, if a school pursues a recycling program and involves students, teachers from multiple classrooms and grades in all aspects of the program, it would be more appropriate to apply for the ’school’ award.

In some cases large projects can be broken down into smaller components with each component submitting an application for recognition. For example, a school may have initiated a green school program involving schoolyard improvements, Earth Day events and energy conservation programs. One part of that program may include one particular class that initiated an energy audit for the school. In this case, both the school and the class could apply for recognition. It is important to remember that each application should focus only on the activities, outputs, and outcomes that result from efforts at the particular level.

The Florida Green School Awards Program includes a number of themes that projects should be aligned with:

1) Green Learning Environments
2) Exemplary Curriculum or Teacher Professional Development
3) Service Learning
4) Policy and Partnerships
5) Recycling.

These themes are broad enough to capture just about any green school project. If the project does not fit neatly into one of these categories, please choose ’Green Learning Environments.’

To apply for this year’s awards your project must have started no earlier than June 1, 2010 and has to be completed by May 31, 2011.

The online application must be completed by June 21, 2011.

For more information visit:

Florida Green Schools

Florida Green Schools FAQs

Last Year’s Finalists


Posted: April 9, 2011

Category: Work & Life
Tags: Sustainability

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