4-H Revolution of Responsibility

Most of you probably know that 4-H is about more than winning blue ribbons and showing animals at the State Fair. In addition, 4-H is more than the ever growing list of projects in science and technology. What remains the same in 4-H are the outcomes or the results: Youth who grow up in 4-H grow to become responsible, contributing adults.
One of the challenges in 4-H is showcasing or illustrating the successes in the program. How can we best show that the 4-H youth raising dairy goats and the 4-H youth developing a robot program are both learning the same life skills needed to be a successful adult?
One of the best ways may be through the new 4-H Revolution of Responsibility. Through the 4-H Revolution of Responsibility, 4-H members, volunteers, and staff are invited to write about the positive changes that have been brought about through 4-H.

4-H youth are a living, breathing, culture-changing revolution for doing the right thing, breaking through obstacles, and pushing our country forward by making a measurable difference right where they live.

You may have read about Lindsay, a 4-H member who was able to buy a house at age 18 with her hog earnings. She started raising hogs as a young 4-H’er and saved her winnings. In addition to her skills in hog rearing and showing, she also learned to be fiscally responsible and to persevere.
Other 4-H members are improving their communities through 4-H community service projects.
Are you part of the 4-H Revolution of Responsibility? There are many examples here in Pinellas County where 4-H members are making a positive change. Let everyone know how you started a Revolution of Responsibility. Check out the website at:
http://www.4-h.org/about/revolution/ and share your story.


Posted: February 24, 2011

Category: 4-H & Youth

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