“Baby, it’s cold outside…”

Brrr! The cold weather is finally here and you’re not the only one in need of protection from the cold. Just like people, plants have temperature ranges they prefer. Here are some tips to help you protect your landscape this winter:
Plant the right plant in the right place! A Floridian wouldn’t do well in North Dakota this time of year, and likewise a tropical plant won’t thrive here when the mercury drops. We are in hardiness zone 9b, so be sure to plant things that are suited to our location. For plants that may not quite be suited to this location you may be able to help them by planting them in protected locations such as a south-facing area protected by walls, fences, hedges (evergreen of course), etc.
Keep your plants healthy! When you are stressed you are more likely to succumb to some malady and your plants are no different. Proper fertilization, watering, and pruning will go a long way in keeping plants healthy. Click here for information about the fertilizer ordinance in Pinellas County to ensure year-round compliance.

If you are going to cover your cold sensitive plants to protect them from frost, remember that the cover should be raised above the plant. Also remember to remove any plastic covers on sunny days to avoid burning the plant.

For more detailed information on cold protection for plants click here.

Bundle up and don’t forget to take care of your plants!


Posted: December 3, 2010

Category: Home Landscapes, Lawn
Tags: Cold Protection

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