An End to a Great 4-H Year and a Great Beginning to 2010/2011

On August 20 4-H clubs and supporters gathered at the Pinellas County Extension Office to recognize their 4-H’ers for a job well done. Over 100 4-H’ers received their project completion year pins. Blue ribbon projects were exhibited for viewing. In addition, twenty-three members and clubs received Performance Standard Clover Awards for over-all participation and support of the 4-H program. Crazy 4 Canines received an Emerald Clover for their excellence in participation, organization, and performance.

Several 4-H members received project medals. In addition, the Achievement Award went to Crazy 4 Canines’ Kaymie Van Benthuysen. Recognition was also given to those 4-H members who have achieved 20 and 40 4-H blue ribbons.
Receiving 20 blue ribbon were Olivia Cook, Michaela Polmann, and Beverly Strautmann. Matthew Galiano of Average Joe’s 4-H received his 40 Blue Ribbon pin.

The biggest news of the night was the announcement of the Clubs of the Year. The small club of the year is the Conservatives 4-H Club. The large club is 4-H2O. Congratulations to both clubs for a year of excellent 4-H projects, activities, and representation.

Congratulations to you all!

4-H does not spend much time resting on their laurels because on August 28th 100 4-H members and supporters conducted their second annual County Congress. At the Congress, organized by 4-H club leaders, families could register for the new year, learn goal setting, attend a mock 4-H club meeting, elect officers, attend officer training, install the officers, join County Council, review project books, get ready to sell apples and pecans, and spend the day with a great group of people.
Many thanks to the 4-H volunteers for presenting this fabulous day!


Posted: September 3, 2010

Category: 4-H & Youth

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