4-H Adult Volunteer Recognition

The previous blog spoke of the fantastic group of 4-H volunteers in Pinellas County. On June 11, several of these volunteers were singled out for special recognition at the 4-H Volunteer Leader Donor Dinner.
The first group of awards are called the Spirit Awards. Following the tradition of 4-H camp, five individuals are recognized based on their ability to exemplify the core 4-H values through Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and Spirit. This year’s winners are:

  • Head – Donna Benedict is the Leader of the All Things Equine 4-H Club. After taking over the club, she has consistently used her head by thinking out the processes of leading a club and knowing the importance of asking questions.
  • Heart – Sue Cherrie is one of the volunteers at the 4-H Ochs Garden Club. She works with all her heart and opens her heart to all the children in the garden club.
  • Hands – Chrissy Willett is the Leader of the Average Joe’s 4-H Club, but she is known as the most helpful person at any event or meeting. No matter what needs to be done, Chrissy is ready to lend a hand. Or two.
  • Health – Mary Urquhart has led the Seminole Riders 4-H Club for thirty-six years, but has also led the 4-H horse program for many years. Mary (Snakey) has set the standard for how a horse club should be run and the result is a very healthy equine program in Pinellas County.
  • Spirit – Teryl Plaisance is an Activity Leader for Crazy4Canines. She has shown all the above qualities and is the clue that holds the club together. Teryl was nominated by the club’s Leader, Liz Piquet.

The next award is Rookie of the Year. Denise Wright started the Neighs and Nickers 4-H Club last August and has turned it into an active and productive club. The 4-H’ers completed projects and participated in county, area, and state events. In addition, the club participated in community service projects.

This year’s Volunteer of the Year is Lisa McBride, Leader of 4-H2O. Lisa’s influence reaches beyond her club. She has been instrumental in the organization and execution of the first County Congress which benefited the majority of the 4-H clubs in the county. In addition, Lisa serves as a mentor for new leaders and has served as Camp Nurse at Camp Ocala.

The Leader of the Year is Liz Piquet, Leader of Crazy4Canines. Liz was also involved in the formation of the County Congress. Her club is very active in all county 4-H events from Demonstration Day to 4-H Day at the Capitol. In addition to the usual 4-H events, the club is deeply involved in the 4-H State Dog Project from creating county dog shows to attending Dog Conference. As the leader of a large 4-H club, Liz has the ability to recognize and utilize the talents of her adult volunteers and parents resulting in positive experiences for all.

While the volunteer above were singled out for special recognition, all 4-H volunteers bring their special talents, perspectives, and contributions to the program. The 4-H program could not continue without them.


Posted: June 22, 2010

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers

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