Updates on Area E and 4-H 2O

Most 4-H clubs elect officers. In addition to the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, there is the very important office of Reporter. The role of the Reporter is to write a story to be published in a newsletter or web site. Here are two submission. The first is a story of the Area E experience and the second is a club update for the 4-H 2O 4-H club.

Area E by Kaymie Van Benthuysen

You are in your last class of the day, waiting to see who has won. They announce 6th place, then 5th place, then 4th place, and finally they get to 1st place. The announcer pauses, it seems like minutes are passing by. “In first place” , the announcer pauses again.
“In first place” they say again and pause. And then the announcer says your number!!!!!! All you hear are your friends and family going wild in the crowd. You walk out of the arena with a proud smile on your face, sigh, pat your horse, and say “We’re done”.
But are you really?
After you are done showing your horse, there are post show steps to take. One of the more exciting things you can do is to tally up all of your points, to see if you have made it to the 4-H State Horse Show. This year, a rider needed four points to make it to State. Of the thirty-three riders from Pinellas, twelve qualified for the 4-H State Horse Show. They are Jade Baranich, Amanda Benedict, Casey Comier, Caitlin Denison, Jessica Freed, Charly Miller, Sara Poppleton, Olivia Sipos, Lauren Tribiano, Kaymie Van Benthuysen, Alexandra Vulgamore, and Morgan Wright.
When you get home, it is time to unload all of your tack, extra feed, pitch-forks, buckets, and all of the other equipment you brought along. You may also have to return a few borrowed items.
After all of those steps are done, if you are one of the proud riders that made it to State, it is now time to start practicing for that!!!!
“It is a lot of hard work, but it is all worth it. There is nothing like watching your child succeed!” says Shannon Conner, a mom of one of the qualifying riders.

4-H2O Club Report by Lexa Armstrong

This past month, the 4-H20’s members have been busy with many tasks. Some participated in 4-H Day at the Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida. At our most recent meetings, we began to plan our end-of-the-year club party.
Amanda Peacock, Michaela Polmann, Jack Polmann, and Emily Vines all went to 4-H Day at the Capitol on April 22nd. They saw the Governor, participated in tours of the Capitol and toured the Museum of Natural History.
Michaela Polmann reflects upon her trip saying:
“We learned about the new and old Capitol building. I found it fascinating! We did a mock legislature and voted on a bill about whether or not to build a canal. I can’t wait until next year!”
Lexa Armstrong and Michaela Polmann each received checks from the Florida State Fair for their entry into this year’s State Fair. Lexa Armstrong received many ribbons for her photography, art work, and sewing project. Michaela Polmann’s chicken was crowned the champion chicken.
We are all looking forward to our end-of-the-year party. Our treasurer, Michael Vieira, calculated the cost of the party so we could plan accordingly. We are going to the Highland Aquatic Park and have various meals and snacks.
The year has flown by, and we never want it to end… we are making great strides!

Pictures of 4-H Day at the Capitol: http://kingdom.ifas.ufl.edu/tylerljones/UFEVENTS/4HDayattheCapitol042210/Gallery/


Posted: May 14, 2010

Category: 4-H & Youth

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