Solutions in 30 – What is a Green Job?

green_collar_worker-785555With concerns about pollution, climate change and energy dependence, green industries – those businesses that focus on sustainability – will become more important in the future economy. This will ultimately lead to more jobs in these new and exciting fields.
Join Pinellas County Extension Services at 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 20 for a 30-minute introductory webinar addressing these newly-emerging green jobs.
Vestina Crayton, Extension Urban Sustainability Specialist, will describe what a green job is, what training is required, where to apply for employment and what experts are predicting for the industry.

A webinar is an audio and visual seminar transmitted over the Internet through the computer so internal or external speakers are necessary to get the full benefit. Webinars also allow visitors to interact with the presenter and the content. Solutions in 30 seminars also make sense because the format offers time saving results by eliminating travel, looking for parking spaces and the hassles of scheduling. Participation is fast, convenient, easy and ideal for multiple listeners.

To register and learn more about this free webinar, visit, click on the “Online Class Registration” button and click on the Solutions in 30 button or call (727) 582-2100.


Posted: January 7, 2010

Category: Work & Life

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