Ready, Set, SHOP! Buying Green for the Holidays

shopping cartJames Stevenson, Pinellas County Extension Specialist, Urban Sustainability
Green Shopping Tips
Before you head out to do the shopping this Holiday Season, don’t forget the Big Three of Sustainability: Environment, Economy and Society.
We’ve endeavored to show that in every aspect of our lives, no matter how mundane, we can make choices that benefit the Big Three. Shopping, especially as it reaches a yearly peak this month, is a great place to stretch your green wings.
    • Streamline shopping trips so you stay off the road as much as possible.


  • When making any purchase, consider the packaging–if it comes down to a choice between two products, choose the one with the most easily-recycled/reused packaging.



  • Buy whatever you can in bulk, especially items you and your family will be using a lot of this season.



  • Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags with you when you shop!



    • Patronize local business for your shopping needs this year. Support for the “Little Guy” bolsters our local economy.


  • Make a list and stick to it! Purchase only what you NEED.



  • Shop on-line to avoid getting on the road and wasting gas.



    • Budget for a donation to a local charity.


  • Take some time to visit/bring a gift to a shut-in.



  • Before you bring a lot more “stuff” into your home, have a sort-through of what you’ve got and take any and all excess to a thrift shop (while you are there, you MIGHT just find that perfect something for that someone!!)



Posted: December 8, 2008

Category: Money Matters, Work & Life

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