LepIntercept: An Identification Resource for Intercepted Lepidoptera Larvae


USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Identification Technology Program (ITP) is pleased to announce the release of LepIntercept: an identification resource for intercepted Lepidoptera larvae. This web-based tool is specifically designed to be used by identifiers working at U.S. ports of entry. However, the information contained in the tool’s fact sheets and keys will also be valuable to any lepidopterist working with larvae and/or exotic pests.

LepIntercept includes detailed fact sheets with information on taxonomy, host/origin, recorded distribution, and a comprehensive larval diagnosis and identification authority discussion. More than 300 high-quality photographs and setal map drawings illustrate diagnostic characters for every species. The tool also includes an interactive identification key covering frequently intercepted Lepidoptera larvae, the first complete dichotomous key treating all Lepidoptera larvae included in the National Identification Service authority database, and other dichotomous keys treating difficult to identify groups of major pests such as Helicoverpa, Diatraea, Spodoptera, and Tortricidae.

If you did not receive this email directly from Terrence Walters and you would like to be included in future ITP announcement emails, please send a request to itp@aphis.usda.gov.

Content of this post was provided by Terrence Walters, USDA•APHIS•PPQ•S&T•FCL•ITP, and Amanda Redford, USDA•APHIS•PPQ•S&T•FCL•ITP


Posted: March 4, 2014


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