7th Annual University of Florida Bee College and Honey Show


The University of Florida Bee College is the most extensive educational honey bee event in the state of Florida and is back for its seventh year! Everyone is welcome to attend Bee College: beekeepers, naturalists, farmers, gardeners, county agents, and anyone interested in honey bees! It’s not too late to register, as you might know, we fill up pretty fast but there is still time! Registration is open until Tuesday March 4th. Bee College is the best time you could have learning about honey bees and beekeeping, the full schedule is available on the website. There are topics for beginners, advanced, hands-on demonstrations, workshops on everything from Honey Extraction, Varroa Biology, Grafting, Queen Rearing and IPM approaches! The keynote speakers this year are Dr. Dewey Caron, (U. Delaware) and Dr. Jim and Maryann Frazier of Penn State. As always, we will have the Fl apiary Inspection Team, the HBREL team, and a host of other great speakers. Bee College has enough beekeeping knowledge to last you all year! You’ll receive a stunning Bee College pin, a goody bag, a program binder with lecture material, snacks, lunch, banquet dinner, awards ceremony and a raffle where you can win great prizes! 

Coupled with the UF Bee College is the Annual Bee College Honey Show. Our honey show is the largest in the state, and winners can proudly claim the title of “Best Honey in Florida”! The Bee College Honey Show provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase all of your (and your bees!) hard work. The show will be judged using the Welsh Honey Judge methods by certified professional Honey Judges and Stewards, and winners will be announced during the awards ceremony Friday evening. If you want to exhibit in the show, all you have to do is register for the Bee College, check out the exhibit classes, and send your entry form in early. You can enter items such as extracted honey, candles, frames for extraction, artwork, and more. Exhibit classes and the entry form are posted on the honey show page linked above.

Register today! https://2014beecollege.eventbrite.com (ticket prices and purchasing).

For more information please visit: http://entnemdept.ifas.ufl.edu/honeybee/extension/bee_college.shtml (general program information)

For general questions email Jeanette Klopchin: jklopchin@ufl.edu
. For registration questions, please email Glinda Burnett at gburnett@ufl.edu

Content for this post was provided by Jeanette Klopchin.



Posted: February 22, 2014


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