Hurricanes and Trees Can Mix Better Than You Might Think

Establishing a wind resistant tree canopy is the best insurance when it comes to hurricanes and trees. Trees vary in their strength, generally speaking trees with slow grow are much stronger than fast growing trees. Data collected after numerous hurricanes to strike Florida, some species appear to be better-suited for use in hurricane-prone areas than others. Dogwood, sand live oak, live oak, sabal palm, and Southern magnolia are native trees that appear to tolerate hurricane-force winds extremely well. While there is still very little information, the following trees are reported to be wind-resistant: bald cypress, pond cypress, crape myrtle, sycamores (some damage was noted) winged elm, hollies, river birch, redbud and ligustrum. But, even the strongest trees recommended don’t always hold up to Category 4 or 5 storms. Always choose the right tree species, for the right place in your yard. Not all the tree mentioned are adapted to every soil type or conditions in Pasco County.


Posted: August 4, 2017

Category: Disaster Preparation, Work & Life
Tags: Canopy, Damage, Florida, Hurricanes, Pasco, Preparation, Trees

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