The Many Ways to Eat Produce

Gulfside Elementary School had another “Parent Nutrition Night” recently, and this time, it was about fruits and vegetables. MyPlate stresses that half our plate should be fruits and vegetables, and the lesson talked about the ways to getting this in three different forms: fresh, canned, and frozen. The parents shared their personal preferences once they went over the pros and cons of each. For many, the pros of fresh is the taste and texture, while the pros for canned and frozen is that they don’t expire at nearly the same rate as the fresh and can be more affordable if the fruit or vegetable isn’t in season. Some think that “fresh” is implied when thinking of ways to get half our plates to be fruits and vegetables, but luckily, any form goes! With fruits and vegetables being picked at the peak of freshness prior to being packaged in their frozen or canned state, they can still count towards a healthy plant-based diet and contribute to the vitamins, minerals, and fiber we need every day. Tip: make sure to get canned fruit in either water or its original juice and not the syrup. For canned vegetables, look for “low sodium” or “no sodium added.”

S. Bresin, Pasco FNP Program Manager


Posted: April 19, 2017

Category: Health & Nutrition, Work & Life
Tags: Children And Family, Family, Lunch, Nutrition, Produce, School

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