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Showing ‘MyPlate’ at Tasty Tuesday

The Tasty Tuesday Organic Market is a farmers market located at the New Port Richey library every Tuesday morning. On one recent Tuesday, FNP did a nutrition lesson on fruits and vegetables and on increasing variety by focusing on different colors (red, green, orange/yellow, white, and blue/purple). The patrons were excited to see the lesson and to sample the featured food from the food demo, mango salsa. The colors in this dish were orange/yellow from the mangos and green from the green onion, jalapeños, and cucumber. How would you add more colors to this dish? There are lots of ways to get creative; adding a red pepper or a white onion can increase color and variety. FNP’s teaching material is based off of MyPlate, which stresses to make up half your plate fruits and vegetables. Many people attending the lesson that day weren’t familiar with the guidelines from MyPlate, and admitted that they need to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption. Below is an image of MyPlate. Does your plate look like this? MyPlate is a helpful tool for remembering to eat more plant-based foods. You can visit to learn more.

S. Bresin

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