Water Wednesdays Recap – Florida Springs: Water Quality and Effects on Algal Blooms

Florida has the largest concentration of springs in the nation. Last Wednesday, Dr. Andrea Albertin, the Northwest District Water Resources Regional Specialized Agent discussed Florida’s springs water quality and its effects on algal blooms.

Springs are extremely important for the state of Florida. They provide vast natural, recreational, and economic values. They also provide scientific value and offer critical habitats for plants and animals, including endangered or threatened species. More important, springs serve as indicators of the conditions of the Floridan aquifer, the underground freshwater reserve that is the source of drinking water for the majority of Floridians.

Many of the springs are affected by pollution, declining flows, and ecological imbalances. They are directly influenced by activities within surrounding areas, such as agricultural and urban landscape practices, leaking septic systems, or inadequate stormwater management. We have seen an increase in nutrient level in Florida springs. Without effective corrective actions, further declines in water quality and water flow in the springs may occur, and such remedial actions are urgently needed.

To learn more about spring water quality, please click the video below.


Posted: November 10, 2020

Category: Water
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