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Spring Festival and Plant Sale is around the corner

The Osceola County Master Gardeners have been working really hard to bring our First Spring Festival and Plant Sale to the community. This year we have vendors selling plant, honey, garden products and more.

Come and visit us Saturday, February 23, 22019 at 1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34744 from 9am to 3pm.


In addition to the vendors we are having classes offer during the day and a Kids zone! Here is the schedule of the classes:

9am – Bromeliads by Susan Senger-Master Gardener

10:15 am Minimizing Aches in the Garden with Stretches & Safe Movement by Gaby Murza
Working in the garden can be very rewarding and therapeutic, but the aches, pains, and stiffness that accompany it is not! Soreness can linger for days and can make sensitive conditions more challenging. Learn ways to take stretch and water breaks and multi-task to increase productivity. Practice safe stretches, posture, and positions for any mobility and ability.

10:30am – How to Read a Seed Package by Susan Senger-Master Gardener

11:30 am Eco-gardening: Plant selection to attract wildlife, conserve water, and reduce pollution by Krista Stump
Our gardens and landscapes can provide more than just beauty. Learn about the positive impact your garden can make on the environment. Proper plant selection can provide habitat for wildlife, conserve water, and reduce stormwater runoff.
11:30am – Planting to Attract Butterfly by Mr. Bill-Master Gardener

12:15am – How to Clean your Garden Tools by Gina Usher-Master Gardener

12:45 pm Trees Osceola, Advance Class by Dana Sussmann
As a Thank You for participating in previous year’s “Free-Tree-Give-Away Program” – You are Cordially invited to attend this year’s Tree-Give-Away Program Class. Do you LOVE Trees? Let’s Celebrate Earth Day and National Arbor Day planting trees around Osceola County! Register to attend an advance one hour class on Tree Care and you will take a tree home the same day!

1:15pm – Growing Herbs in Central Florida by Cindy Wrains- Master Gardener

2:00 pm Garden on a Budget by Johanna Ramirez
Sometimes gardening can be expensive specially if you don’t plan. Budgeting and selecting the correct plants for your garden will help you not only to save money but to save time and help the environment. Come and learn how you can enjoy a beautiful garden without braking the bank.

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