4-H Awards Ceremony: The Importance of Recognition

The Osceola County 4-H Awards Ceremony provides recognition for youth and adults as they participate in the 4-H Program. The awards ceremony is an important component of the 4-H year.

Why do we recognize youth and volunteers at an awards ceremony?

Recognition is a basic need. It is something that everyone can appreciate. When you do a good job, you want someone to see it. When you work hard on a project, you want someone to acknowledge the work that you put in. When you have accomplished a goal, you want someone to celebrate with you. These are the reasons why we have an awards ceremony. 4-Hers and leader work tremendously hard in the 4-H program. Both dedicate countless hours to projects, clubs, and the county. The purpose of the awards ceremony is to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of all participants in our program.

How do we recognize youth and volunteers in the 4-H program?

Throughout the 4-H program, youth and leaders are recognized in many ways, which leads to the culmination of the awards ceremony. There are five main ways that participants are recognized throughout the program: educational experiences, progress towards self-goals, achieving standards of excellence, excelling in peer competition and excellence in cooperation. All of these areas are displayed through project record books and club reports.

What criteria are record books judged on?

Project record books are a great snapshot of what the 4-Her has accomplished throughout the year in their project. They demonstrate the educational experiences that they participated in, the goals that they set and accomplished, how they excelled at the standards that were set for them, the peer competitions that they took part in and their cooperation with those around them. These are the criteria that judges look at when grading record books. Record books also display self-assessment and reflection, both an important part of the foundation of 4-H: the experiential learning process.

What awards are/were presented?

This year, Osceola County 4-H had 301 project books turned in. Of those 301, 256 were awarded project pins and 73 were also awarded medallions. A project pin is received if a member receives a score of 90% or higher on their record book. A medallion is awarded if a member receives a perfect score.

In regards to leader recognition, 48 leaders were recognized for their years of service. Along with three leaders for their outstanding work this year.


Posted: August 20, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: 4-H

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