4-H Camp Series: Your Kids are Prepared for Camp, But Are You? A few things to keep in mind as your child goes to summer camp.

You have chosen to send your kid to summer camp, you have helped prepare them, but are you ready for the experience? Here a few things to know as a parent when you send your kids of to camp.

Your child’s safety is the number one focus at camp.

All activities and educational programs are taught, lead and supervised by University of Florida 4-H staff. 4-H staff include County 4-H Agents, screened and trained 4-H Volunteers, 4-H Camp Staff, and the 4-H Camp Director. 4-H camp staff are certified in First Aid, CPR and are American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguards.

Your child may need some time adapting to the camp environment.

A former camp counselor shared that the worst thing you can do for your camper is tell them that if you don’t like it, call me and I’ll come get you”. The thought of being a phone call away can prevent them from fully submerging in the camp experience. Even a rocky start can lead to a wonderful camp experience.

There is no need to worry.

Camp staff and 4-H Agents are there for your child. We will support them in every need possible while at camp. If you have a worry, please share this with your 4-H Agent.

Don’t make major changes at home.

When kids come back from camp, they like to find things how they left them. This will help with your child’s transition back home.

Feel free to send mail to your child.

At camp, campers can receive mail. However; plan ahead. Send a letter the week before your child arrives. This will help make sure that it is there when your child will be.

Think of camp as a learning experience. Sending your children off to camp gives you both the opportunity to develop independently. Youth get to develop autonomy and a sense of self. Parents get a chance to take care of themselves. By the time your child returns home, you both will be ready to see each other.


Posted: July 5, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Camp
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