4-H Camp Series: 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Attend 4-H Summer Camp


Many parents and youth are hesitant about going to camp. It is a new experience with many challenges. However, camp is great opportunity for all. If you or your child is questioning whether or not to go to camp, here are five reasons that may change your mind.

Camp helps develop social and life skills.

Camp activities encourage youth to work together. They share responsibilities, resolve disagreements, take care of one another, and are challenged to communicate within and outside their social circles. Along with this, camp builds skills necessary to prepare youth to assume roles as successful adults. It promotes creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, independence, and self-confidence. All skills that are needed as youth grow.

Camp helps youth make new friends that last a lifetime.

Friendships made at camp are different than those made elsewhere. Camp friendships are strong. Youth get the opportunity to live with others and experience things without the distractions of daily life. Campers get to spend time getting to know each other, making memories and communicating face-to-face. 4-H Camp is a cell phone free zone. Therefore, relationships are built in person with those around them.

Also, camp is open to every youth. Youth have the opportunity to meet peers from outside their school and after-school environment. They get to meet youth from other neighborhoods, cities and even counties.

Camp allows youth to explore and learn new things.

Camp is about learning: learning about oneself, others and new ways to see the world. It’s about trying new things and overcoming fears. Campers get a chance to move out of their comfort zone to a place in which they are challenged. This movement leads to the development of self-confidence and resilience.

Camp also promotes unstructured learning, free play and exploration. At camp youth get to experience new things, such as, kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming, archery and many more activities. These experiences help guide personal interests, hobbies and potential future career choices.

Camp is a great place to enjoy nature.

Camp provides a natural outdoor learning environment. It is a place to see, touch, hear and smell the outdoors. It helps youth see the outdoors as a place for recreation and fun.

Camp is a great place to have fun!

There is nothing better about camp than the fun you have. 4-H Summer Camp offers swimming, campfire, group games, kayaking, fishing, archery, dancing, free time and much more. Each year campers and counselors return because of the fun that they have had in past years.


If you or your child is hesitant or have questions about attending summer camp, please feel free to contact me. To learn more about 4-H Summer Camp contact Jessica Sprain at jsprain@ufl.edu.


Posted: May 29, 2018

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