Celebrating 4-H Success – Back Together Again

The 4-H program has a long tradition of celebrating the success of youth and volunteers.  We were finally able to do that in person again after a three year hiatus. With the new 4-H year underway, this is a great time to be inspired to add your name to the list of award winners in 2023.

Record Book Achievement

4-H Record books are the foundation for most of our special awards.  The following youth were recognized for completing one or more record books from a variety of project areas: Kendall T, Jaden L, Jett F, Annika H, Karen H, Teaghan G, Jaisel M, Eliza L, Sadie A, Breann S, Ashley B, Ramsay D, Fay Z, Elena G, Cate D, Kendall T, Kayla A, Mia T, Maren M, Kai M, Helen M, Morgan H, Isaiah W, Eleanor G, Elia P, Emma P, Emma L, Corrianna E, David E, Liberty E, Phelper E, Corrianna E, David E, Andrew J, Jacob J, Ashley S, Isabell C, Alexander R, Noah S, Victor D, Christian D, Noble R, Charlie A, Adeline A, Hannah-Catherine F, Isaiah M, Bless R, Braydon C, Bryce K, Ian S, Jacob M, Brielle A, Elizabeth B, Leilah D, Benjamin D, Emma P, Elia P, Neel C, Donald D, Tyler W, Garrett T, Micah M, Ian N, Isaiah M, Nathan J, Aidan L, Aracely G, Zachary F, Katherine D, Ashley S, Eliza L, and Braydon C.

Standards of Excellence

Building on their 4-H projects, some youth members engaged in activities beyond the club to earn Standards of Excellence Awards: Elena G (Bronze), Corianna E (Bronze), Ashley S (Silver),  Andrew J (Silver), Jacob J (Silver), Annika H (Silver), Karen H (Silver), Cate D (Silver), Jett F (Silver), and Kendall T (Gold). Clubs and volunteers could also earn excellence awards: Long Lake Acres (Silver), OC Explorers (Gold), Independent (Silver), Exploding Bacon (Emerald), Michael H (Bronze), Sara H (Silver), Michael F (Silver), and Rhonda F (Gold).

Special Awards

Several volunteers and youth were honored with the following special awards to recognize outstanding leadership and service. Volunteers: Laurie C (Rising Star), Rhonda F (Angel Award), Amanda L (Volunteer of the Year) and Youth: Kendall T (Nellie Ruth Brown), Jett F (Henry Swanson). Kevin Floyd received the Partner in 4-H Award for his contributions supporting 4-H participation in camps.

Congratulations to all these deserving award recipients. Please reach out to the 4-H office to learn how you and your 4-H members can get started toward success for the 2023 awards next year!


Posted: September 6, 2022

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers
Tags: #OC4H, 4-H, Life Skills, Youth

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