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pesticide applicator spraying

Limited Pesticide Applicator’s License Review and CEUs

The limited pesticide applicator’s licenses allow the licensed applicator to apply pesticides to landscapes around buildings. There are 2 primary limited pesticide applicators licenses:

  1. Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance (LCLM) for individuals who apply caution label  pesticides in plants beds and shrubs on customer’s properties. Requires 6 hours of classroom training in LCLM.Flyer for Ltd Commercial Landscape Maintenance & Ltd Lawn & Ornamental Pesticide Licenses
  2. Limited Lawn and Ornamental (LLO) is for individuals who apply pesticides to government or business owned propoerty.

Both licenses require the individual to successfully pass an examination. Licenses are maintained and renewed with Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The 6 hour class is packaged as an exam review session with CEUs for license renewal. The review is no substitue for time spent studying.

WHAT: Limited Pesticide Applicator Review and CEUs

WHEN:   Thursday, February 18, from 8:30 am- 12:30 pm & Friday, February 19, from 9:00 am- 11:00 am, 2021

WHERE: Live, virtual, via Zoom

COST: $30


CEUs Approved

February 18: 4 CEUs total / 2 Core 482, 2 Core 487, 2 CLO, 2 LCLM, 2 LLO, 2 LUF, 2 OT, 2 PA

Feb 18 & 19: 6 CEUs total / 2 Core 482, 2 Core 487, 4 CLO, 4 LCLM, 4 LLO, 4 LUF, 4 PA, 4 OT