Enjoy the Summer and Maintain a Healthy Homeflow

Summer can be a fun time for families, but the transition from school to summer can also be a stressful one. If you have children, you most likely have the backpack filled with a stack of papers that came home the last week of school. Your home is probably looking less tidy than normal and you might be concerned that your children are on TV screen overload. The end of the school year is full of these and more stress triggers, but you can turn this around with these simple tips to keep a healthy homeflow.

A healthy homeflow means the home “flows” together as a unit, starting with communications between occupants and progressing to specific steps that can help your home function smoothly and efficiently. Here are four easy tips to reach this healthy homeflow:

  1. First, incorporate the help of each family member to cook and plan your meals for the week. As a result, the meal prep process will save you time and money, reduce stress, allow you to eat healthy and enjoy family meals together.
  2. Another way to reach a healthy homeflow is to safely organize your home. One way to do this is to set a goal to clear clutter and create space. Likewise, create a plan where all family members can take part in the maintenance and upkeep of the home. Next, use the “Keep, Toss or Donate” process to de-clutter and help reduce possible toxins in the home as well as asthma and allergy triggers.
  3. Track your household expenses and differentiate your needs versus your wants. For a guide on how to do this, go to the EDIS publication Building a Spending Plan: All Six Steps (click here).
  4. In addition, practicing good communication skills in all these areas is key to having a healthy homeflow. For this reason, applying the 10 Rules for Constructive Conflict (click here) can help build a strong foundation of trust, listening and understanding. For more information on this and other programs, contact our offices at 407-254 9200.

by Jenny Rodriguez with content and contribution from Family Youth and Community Sciences Department, UF/IFAS Extension, Dr. Victor Harris, Dr. Randall Cantrell, Nayda I. Torres, Josephine Turner, and Brenda C. Williams. UF/IFAS Extension is an Equal Opportunity Institution.





Posted: June 27, 2019

Category: Home Management, Money Matters, WORK & LIFE
Tags: Communication, De-Cluttering, Financial, Health, Home, Ocextension

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