2019 IPM Jeopardy Champion

Welcome back to the winners circle STEVEN POULIOT, Land Shark Pest Control!
Steven is the 2019 IPM Jeopardy Champion, and he also claimed the Championship in 2012!

Steven Pouliot - 2019 IPM Jeopardy Champ
Steven Pouliot – 2019 IPM Jeopardy Champ
Steven Pouliot 2102 champ
Steven Pouliot – 2012 IPM Jeopardy Champ








IPM Jeopardy is a review of the principles and practices of integrated pest management. Using an interactive format, participants answer questions about pesticide labels, PPE, calibration, insect, disease and weed life cycles and other pesticide safety topics. There are also questions on insect, disease and weed identification. The IPM jeopardy game has been a highlight of the Winter Turf and Ornamental Pest Management Seminar for over 25 years.


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Posted: January 18, 2019

Category: AGRICULTURE, Horticulture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Cflandscapes, IPM, Jeopardy, Ornamental And Turf, Pest Management

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