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Residential Market Gardens

produce at marketDid you know that you can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs as a home occupation provided you sell them off-site, away from your residence?  Follow the same growing procedures recommended for home gardeners; just add more space so you will have extra whole produce to sell. There are a myriad of factors to consider in order to become a successful market gardener, including the best seasons to grow, the best varieties to use, post-harvest handling procedures, what is the best price, where to sell your produce and what business license to obtain. Yes, your home garden can become your market garden, boosting family income while growing nutritious fresh local produce for your community. Most homeowners’ associations don’t allow home businesses, so make sure to do your homework, visit potential sites, ask questions and get information before you start planting your market garden. Make sure you have done the math, and it makes sense for your family! For more information, click here.