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4-H Scholarships for participating in 4-H programs

Participating in 4-H is not only about meetings, clubs, shows, trips, camps and/or events; it is much more, getting a scholarships to attend 4-H activities and trips such as 4-H Camp, 4-H Legislature or 4-H University, and/ or college is one advantage to participate in 4-H programs.

College scholarships

To earn a 4-H Scholarship to attend college is not that hard and usually the content of the 4-H scholarship application can be use to other applications outside of 4-H. Also, it is important to consider that doing a 4-H career,  it is an important factor many of the organizations including Florida 4-H Foundation to take in consideration that youth that were part of the 4-H program is a person that is more likely to be successful in college and later in life.

4-H Activities and trips

Orange County 4-H youth participate and compete in all those activities, they have the chance to apply for scholarships to cover some of the expenses related to those opportunities. Thanks to an anonymous donor to Orange County 4-H, the 4-H Association is able to offer scholarships to  4-H youth to stay involved in the program and to help their families financially.

The Orange County 4-H program is aware that today’s youth can have many opportunities and it is important to offer some of those in events that are safe and handled by caring adults like our 4-H certified volunteers.

When youth participate in positive youth development programs such as 4-H, they are less likely to engage in at-risk behaviors (such as smoking, drinking, bullying, etc), contribute more to their families and communities and they are more likely to attend a post-secondary education (technical schools, colleges and universities).

Also, to attend college, Orange County 4-H and Florida 4-H offers more than 14 scholarships that 4-H members can apply for when they are Juniors and Seniors in High School.