Orange County’s Fertilizer Ordinance – Summer Reminders

Fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus may not be applied in Orange County from June 1 through September 30, unless the commercial applicator is GI-BMP fertilizer ordinance decalcertified or has the Limited Commercial Fertilizer Applicator license. Commercial applicators must have a valid FDACS License or proof of completion of GI-BMP within the previous 3 years in order to obtain an Orange County local business tax certificate. Commercial applicators must carry proof of training as well as display a decal on the vehicle they use when applying fertilizer. Contact with proof of training or to have decals mailed to your business.

Other reminders:

  • All areas of property covered by lawn, turf and landscape plants are subject to the fertilizer ordinance.
  • Fertilizers containing phosphorus are prohibited unless a soil test shows deficiency.
  • Fertilizers containing nitrogen applied in Orange County must contain 50 percent slow release nitrogen, until 65 percent slow-release becomes available (expected by July 2020).
  • Deflector shields must be in place when broadcast spreaders are used next to streets, inlets, ditches, conveyances and waterways.
  • No fertilizer or grass clippings shall be deposited on streets, driveways or in storm drains.
  • No fertilizer can be applied within 15 feet from waterways.
  • Application sites must maintain a 10-foot low maintenance zone – planted area with no fertilizing, mowing or maintenance – adjacent to water bodies.
  • No fertilizer shall be applied when the National Weather Service issues any advisory for severe thunderstorm, flood, tropical storm or hurricane.

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Posted: July 31, 2018

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