County Events Day: A time for 4-H Youth to Shine

Positive Youth Development

According to a Tuft’s University study (Lerner et al, 2013), positive youth development (PYD) is characterized by programming that supports and promotes the 5 Cs: Competence, Confidence, Character, Connection, and Caring. Successfully developing these attributes ultimately leads to the 6th “C” or Contribution as well as the likelihood that youth will avoid certain risky behaviors associated with negative outcomes. Youth who are actively and deeply engaged in the 4-H Program are those who are most likely to benefit from the positive outcomes associated with PYD participation. 4-H County Events Day is an excellent example of an event that provides the opportunity for deeper engagement and development of two important Cs: Competence and Confidence.

What is County Events Day?

Orange County 4-H County Events Day is held in April each year as an opportunity for 4-H members of all ages and interests to demonstrate what they have learned through exhibits, photography, speaking presentations and talent performances. Member Exhibits and Photography entries use visual arts and graphic design to communicate and educate about a specific 4-H project area. Opportunities to highlight oral presentation skills include the contests for demonstrations and illustrated talks as well as public speaking. The former includes visual aids to demonstrate “how to” or “about” a topic while the latter uses only speaking skills to communicate an idea or opinion. The final event of the day is Share the Fun which focuses on individual or group youth talents. This can include everything from singing and dancing to skits, comedy or even magic tricks.

Youth Awards and Recognition

The 4-H Program uses an award system that incorporates both competence and competition. Each entry is judged against a standard and receives a score leading to a blue, red or white ribbon. Purple awards are presented to the top individuals within each category and age division. Every junior, intermediate or senior 4-H member earning a blue ribbon in the speaking and talent events is eligible to move on to the district-level. First place photography (purple) winners in each age category and age division will advance directly to state judging. Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) are encouraged to participate in all of the events, but are not judged and will receive recognition for participation.

The 2018 Orange County 4-H Events Day will take place on April 14th at the Extension Education Center at 6021 S. Conway Rd. in Orlando. For more information about Orange County 4-H membership and County Events Day participation, please visit or email .


Posted: March 26, 2018

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