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bee swarm

Managing Feral Bee or Wasp Colonies on Your Property

As Africanized honey bees establish a stronger presence in Florida, it is crucial for public safety reasons that any swarms or feral honey bee colonies found nesting in close proximity to humans or animals be removed or eradicated by trained personnel. Therefore, there is a need for pest control operators (PCOs) who can provide removal services. Please DO NOT attempt to remove or eradicate a feral colony on your own.
  1. Removed from the nest site by trained Pest Control Operator (PCO – or
  2. Eradicated by a Pest Control Operator. It is the responsibility of the property owner to deal with an unwanted swarm ( or colony of honey bees.

To find a Pest Control Operator who offers removal or eradication services in Florida, visit:  and click on the Bee Removal or Eradication List.”