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Importance of a Garden Entrance

The addition of ceramic pots to designate garden entrance.


A garden entrance should evoke a welcoming feeling that invites or prompts your guests to enter. By defining the entrance to the garden you transition your guests from the outside area to the garden. If you have the opportunity to choose where the entrance should be take the time to evaluate your site. This may not be the case if sidewalks or other structures determine where the entrance should be. A garden entrance can be as simple as a large stone or container thoughtfully placed to draw your guests into the garden. Plantings surrounding the entrance should be chosen for year round interest and beauty that encourages your guests to slow down and take in what the garden has to offer.
At Orange County Extension’s Exploration Garden we used two large ceramic containers as the first step toward designating the entrance to the gardens. It was simple, easy to accomplish but impactful. For 2015 we are building an arbor the two pots will flank and we will bring the landscaping up to the arbor creating boundaries for the garden. Adding the arbor will take more planning and time but will add to the impact of the garden entrance. Working in stages helps if you need to evaluate the site or if you have budget constraints. Don’t let a small budget stop you from creating a welcoming entrance to your garden. If you look around you may already have the materials on hand to create a welcoming invitation to enter.