Q&A with Student Intern on the Sustainable Development Goals

This week, February 28th – March 4th, is Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Actions and Awareness Week, as designated by The University Global Coalition in partnership with the State University of New York. As the Coalition page states, “the purpose of this week is to promote awareness of the SDGs among students in higher education and inspire them to take action in furtherance of the goals on their campuses and in their local community.”

The One Health Center is joining this celebration by promoting all of our activities, projects, and students that work on, and towards achieving, the SDGs. This Q&A post highlights one of our bright interns, Lucia Costas, and her important work with the Center.

Q: Can you briefly describe your current project?

My current work is with the app, AWorld, the official app of the UN Act Now campaign. Currently, I am working on creating engaging educational content for the journeys in the app about the different targets and indicators of the SDGs for the AWorld app and the progress that has occurred regarding the SDGs all around the world. The AWorld app is a platform that focuses on helping guide users to living a more sustainable life through journeys filled with educational content about the SDGs, completing different challenges, and daily Tips and Habits that users can change for a more sustainable life. AWorld is the official platform for the UN Act Now campaign, which is dedicated to encouraging and helping individuals act on sustainability and climate change.

Q: Which SDGs does your project target?

My work/project focuses on all the SDGs, however, currently, I am focusing on writing informational content about SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-being” and its targets and indicators, as well as the progress that has occurred to reach the sustainable development goal targets all around the world. My work involves increasing awareness and knowledge about the SDGs as well as creating tips and habits for each target that an individual can use to lead a more sustainable life.

Q: Why should students today learn about the SDGs?

I think that students should learn about the SDGs because they should be aware of each SDG and the impact they have all around the world. Not only to gain more knowledge about the impacts of the SDGs around the world, but students should also learn about what they can change and do in their everyday life to take action to reach the goals of each SDG and help create a brighter future for everyone in the world.

Join the conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals on Twitter with #SDGActionWeek!

For more information on this week and planned events, check out the calendar here.


Posted: March 3, 2022

Category: Professional Development
Tags: One Health, SDG, Sustainable Development Goals

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