Wavyleaf Basketgrass Confirmed in Okaloosa County

wavyleaf basketgrass
Wavyleaf Basketgrass in Okaloosa County, Florida

We have confirmed a new invasive plant in Okaloosa County. Wavyleaf Basketgrass was first found in Maryland in 1996 and quickly spread into Virginia and Pennsylvania. This invasive is very shade tolerant. It originates from Southern Europe and Southeast Asia.

It is a low growing, shallow rooted, short lived perennial. It spreads by long stolons as well as by seeds. These seeds stick to animals, humans and equipment. The plant branches and roots at the lower stem nodes. The leaves are flat and deep green with undulating ripples across the leaf surface. It flowers in September and October.

Wavyleaf basketgrass can be controlled by hand pulling small patches or by using herbicides on bigger areas. Clethodim, a grass killer, can be used effectively April through June. Clethodim is labeled for many sites including pine plantations but not for natural forest areas. Glyphosate is effective July through October but this is a non-selective option, meaning it will kill almost any plant.

If you think you have this invasive plant, please contact your local extension office or report it using EDDMaps at www.eddmaps.org.


Posted: September 19, 2018

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