2016 Camellia Workshop in Fort Walton Beach

Camellia in bloom Photo Credit: Larry Williams
Camellia in bloom
Photo Credit: Larry Williams

The Greater Fort Walton Beach Camellia Society will conduct a free Camellia Workshop to introduce the camellia to area residents. This year’s workshop will be held Saturday, February 6 at the Okaloosa County Extension Annex, 127 NW Hollywood Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach. The workshop, which is free, is open to the public from 9AM until 12-noon.

In today’s article, Greater Fort Walton Beach Camellia Society member Joseph Jenus invites you to the 2016 camellia workshop.

The camellia blooming season is coming to an end. This blooming season (late September to March) got off to a fast start because of the unseasonable warm weather and rain. If you didn’t have your camellias in a greenhouse, as most of us don’t, weather conditions caused an early bloom-out. Remember last year’s sleet and 20°F temperatures that resulted in excessive bloom loss and caused the cancellation of several area Camellia Shows.

Fortunately, in addition to their beautiful blooms, camellia plants are very cold hardy. With proper TLC camellias will provide you beautiful flowers during the winter and glossy evergreen foliage throughout the year.

Instruction topics for this year’s workshop include: Planting and Care of Camellias; Air Layering; Grafting; Gibbing/Debudding; Insects/Pests/Diseases; and Propagation, etc.

Each area will have a club member to answer any questions and give demonstrations. For those with plant problems, i.e. diseases, pests, etc., please bring samples of the problem for analysis.

A limited number of camellias air-layered by members will be for sale.

Come to our 2016 Camellia Workshop, have a cup of coffee with us and learn more about your favorite winter blooming plant.

For more information contact Joe Jenus at 850-862-4526.

Larry Williams, UF/IFAS Extension, Okaloosa County, January 28, 2016


Posted: February 2, 2016

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